Fungus Mineral Eyeshadow


Fungus Mineral Eyeshadow

Fungus Mineral Eyeshadow

Detrivore Cosmetics


Vegan, Not Lip Safe

Mossy green with fine white shimmer.

Ingredients: serecite mica, chromium oxide, iron oxide, titanium dioxide.


Ingredients: serecite mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, tin oxide.

This will be rush shipped from the supplier the moment you order, expect it at your doorstep in approximately 14 business days. 
Detrivore is an indie goth makeup brand, where every product is created from the deliciously dark mind of Distorria, especially for those who have an appreciation for a more melancholy aesthetic.. this brand is legendary for their highly pigmented shades that go on smoothly and blend like a dream.  All products are made in small batches in Portland Oregon USA. 

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